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How do I pay for a cab?

L'image montre une femme souriante tenant un smartphone avec un écran affichant une application de paiement de taxi. L'application semble avoir une interface jaune avec un motif de damier de taxi et une icône de carte de crédit, suggérant une fonctionnalité pour payer un service de taxi directement depuis le téléphone. La mise au point est sur l'écran du téléphone, rendant le visage de la femme et l'arrière-plan intentionnellement flous pour attirer l'attention sur l'application.

People often ask how to pay for a cab and whether they accept credit cards. We’ve got all the answers in this article, which we hope will give you some concrete answers about cab payment methods. First of all, we would like to remind you that cab fares are subject to agreement, which means that the fare is fixed.

Paying for a cab by credit card:

You can pay for your cab by credit card, with or without contact. Although contactless payment has a ceiling amount for security reasons, it is perfectly possible to carry out this operation in a cab. For longer journeys, cab drivers are equipped with a card reader so you can pay directly on board. We take this opportunity to remind you that only the amount shown on the meter is binding. If a cab driver shows you the fare to pay on his app, be aware that it’s a scam. It’s completely forbidden. In our case, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Paying cash for a cab:

If you prefer, you can also pay in cash. In this case, we advise you to have some change with you so that the driver can give change properly, but normally he has everything he needs on board. However, you’ll have to pay for your trip in euros.

Paying for a cab with your smartphone:

It’s true that paying a cab driver with your cell phone is very convenient, but don’t forget that a phone can break down. For security reasons, we strongly advise you to have a second method of payment. Cab payment terminals are equipped to let you pay directly with your smartphone.

Paying for a cab with an app:

It is also possible to pay with an app at some cab ranks. However, this requires installing an application and creating an account, which is ultimately slower than payment by credit card.